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      Marshal hovercraft combines state-of-the-art aviation and ship-building technologies. Excellent sweeping appearance, airfoils, and composition technologies enable the maximum propulsion and speed performance, which contributes to fuel saving and environmental protection. The hovercraft features good amphibious properties and is designed for year-round operation on any relatively even surface (water, snow, ice, ground, hummocks, slush ice, wetlands, etc.). Due to is multiple purpose, the hovercraft can be used for river and marine* tours, leisure, tourism, fishing, hunting, rescue operations, field purposes in remote and hard-to-reach areas.


      The ergonomic interior designed to maximize the comfort of operator and passengers during trips well supplements the sweeping appearance of the hovercraft. The Side-Stiсk remote control system and autopilot system simplify the hovercraft operation. The front panel incorporates a chart plotter with media center, climate control unit, electrical controls and electronic motor and reverse gear controls. All controls are arranged at hand. The cabin is designed according to human anatomic features and has comfortable air cushion chairs. These solutions allow for the best market supply in the class.

   Specifications and design features

    Cushion width

   3.24 m

   Cushion length

   8.21 m

   Cushion height

   3.25 m

   Hull length

   7.55 m

   Hull width

   2.26 m

   Cabin LхWхH


   Maximum water speed*

    max 80 km/h

   Maximum snow speed*

   max 90 km/h

   Maximum ice speed

   max 110 km/h

   Wave height

   0.7 m

   Climb grade

   max 12° from still

   Minimum clearance

   0.35 m

   Hovercraft dry weight

   1200 kg


   max 900 kg (including passengers, fuel and equipment)

   Passenger capacity

    1 captain and 5 passengers + 1 lie-back seat

   Operating temperature

    -30 to +40 °С 

   Propulsion units

   IvecoMotors  145 kW (197 hp) propulsion motor

   Kohler 28.3 kW (38 hp) lift engine

   Fuel consumption rate

   25-30 l/h

   Travel range

   400 km, (max 700 km with additional tanks)

   Hull and deck structure design

   Hull and deck structure are made of composite glass fiber/carbon fiber materials using sandwich structures, and partitioned. The hull features built-in airfoil nozzles for supercharging and cruise propellers. The bottom is abrasion-protected with removable elements. Deck structure windshield is made of triplex, sides are polycarbonate. The deck structure has “gull wing” entry doors at both sides.

   Propulsion/steering unit

   Aluminum screw in the ring nozzle. The ring nozzle is airfoil-shaped, made of composite glass fiber/carbon fiber materials using sandwich structures, and soundproof. The unit features a system of steering and pitch controls

   Cruise propeller transmission

   The transmission incorporates a coaxial reverse gear and tooth-belt drive. Such a layout allows for smooth operation of the cruise propeller, stopping of propeller blades without stopping the main engine, and low location of power plants for better lateral stability and reverse motion.

   Lifting transmission

   The system incorporates a separate engine and fan. The operation is adjustable independently from the propulsion unit.

   Flexible extension

   Two-level combined extension. The upper balloon, lower removable segments, nose and aft barrages.

   Control system

   Side-Stiсk remote control system, levers for propulsion unit accelerator, supercharger engine, and the reverse gear electric control system. Autopilot system (optional).

   Climate controls

   Engine-powered heater, self-powered heater, air conditioner (optional), starting pre-heater (optional).

   Electrical equipment, navigation and communication

   Flashing lights, searchlight, chart plotter, radio station, information display, multimedia system. 12 V network voltage.

   Fire safety

   The hovercraft structures are made of flame resistant materials. Fire extinguisher is kept in the cabin. Automatic fire extinguisher and remote-controlled fire extinguisher are kept in the engine compartment.


   State Inspection of Small Vehicles


   Motor-vehicle trailer. 40-feet container

   *for max 0.1 m hв 1% and max 0.5 m/s wind.

Airfoil-shaped ring nozzle and cruise propeller Reverse motion Side-Stick Higher lateral stability
Ring nozzle and propiller larger diameter. Maximum performance of the engine and high performance propeller.

All hovercrafts feature coaxial reverse gear. The reverse motion system is absolutely user-friendly.

Side control lever and autopilot system. Easy to use

Low location of the propulsion motor, units and fuel tanks

Cost and order conditions

    Hovercraft cost, standard configuration

at request


    Custom hovercraft, subject to 75% advance payment