Marsh Hovercraft Design Group

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Company Services


      We offer services for design and manufacturing from composite materials (glass fiber, carbon fiber, PVC sandwich composites), thermal vacuum formed plastic structures (ABS, PVC, acryl, polyethylene, polystyrol, polycarbonate, etc.). These services include development of future product’s electronic model, elaboration of manufacturing technology, industrial design, human engineering, strength calculations, coordination with the customer, issue of work design documents, and release for manufacture. The design scope of plastic parts includes development of a product surface, elaboration of coupling points, connections, assemblies and the whole structure in general. Design is carried out using special-purpose software that allows obtaining superior class A surfaces. Manufacturing is carried out by means of CNC-milling of electronic models of tools. Tools may include master models and moulds. Based on a product purpose and material, a special tooling can be used and manufactured. Ready tools are used to mould various products. Molding of composite structures can be contact or vacuum infusion, based on the structure specifications.

      Our team design experience includes hundreds of molds of various sizes and kinds for various structures.